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What Past Participants Said

What people are saying about last year’s program:

“Many practical topics were discussed with tons of take home practice points.”

“I am very impressed with UF’s overall performance and the way this conference was put together! It was well organized!”

“I enjoyed the presentations. The speakers were very eloquent and knowledgeable. The format of the course was excellent allowing the participants to have the afternoon off to enjoy Clearwater Beach”

“The program exceeded my expectations.”

“Glad I choose this CME!”

“Excellent Program Director. Topics presented in this program were very helpful to primary care physicians.”

“Thank for a great conference!”

“Very good speakers. Good topics. Enjoyed the conference!”

“Overall very good experience.”

“I think that overall the conference was great.”


What people said about the 45th Topics in Internal Medicine Conference


“Excellent material, enjoyed every presentation.”

“Very good program, A+”

“This was my first experience with UF. I will be back next year.”

“Overall excellent. Speakers are knowledgeable and provide evidence to support lectures.”

“Will be back next year.”

“Very interesting cases.”

“Always look forward to [the Great Cases] presentation.”

“Great speaker, well informed and info learned. Will definitely help my practice.”

“Great review. Very passionate speaker.”


What people said about the 44th Topics in Internal Medicine Conference

“Information was non-biased.”

“The presentations were practical and useful information and maintain the tradition of “Topics in Internal Medicine” ”

“Excellent conference – Good variety of updates in many specialties. ”

Overall a good comprehensive conference covered a wide range of topics.”

“Excellent management of the course as well as topic choices.”

“Very informative. Enthusiastic speakers. Love the new location.”

“Like lectures practical to everyday out patient medicine.”

“Excellent as always. Very interesting and practically valuable information. Very applicable to practice”

“Excellent use of case studies to teach topics. I like the casual style; fascinating content.”

“Great! Thought provoking.”

“Up to date. Excellent speaker!Useful information for practice”

“Wonderful – very clinically appropriate.”

“Nice review, practical and straight forward”

“High value, practical—keep doing!”

“Loved all the panel Q&A.”

“Great! Do not ever discontinue.”

“Great questions, excellent responses and discussion.”

“Very valuable”

“Magnificent. Superb. Essential. Long overdue.”

“Easy style – Great command of subject”

“Best talk on HIV ever”

What participants said about last year’s lectures:

HIV Update

“Very informative! Provided much needed guidance for the primary care provider”

“Very helpful and dynamic speaker!”


General Internal Medicine Update

“Excellent. Best speaker today. She was clear and concise and very interesting. Interactive and educational.”

“Well organized, liked how interactive it was.”


Oncology Update

“Relevant to the generalist! Very clear explanations.”

“Great summary of the new modalities of Rx.”

“Very good new information on immunotherapy for non-smoker with Lung cancers and metastatic melanomas.”


When to Work-Up Hypercoagulable Disorders

“Outstanding presentation!”

“Practical recommendation for work up.”

“Very good presentation, well organized and good points.”

“Very good lecture. Hit all the major points. Very relevant to my PCP practice.”


Appropriate Use of Imaging: Which Test for Which Patient?

“It was excellent and informative.”

“Dr. Winchester’s visual aids were super.”

“Excellent presentation, valuable information which I will use in practice.”


Cardiology Panel Discussion

“This is what keeps me coming back for 30+ consecutive years!!”

“Nice discussion always good to listen and submit questions.”


Viruses and Cancer

“Did a superb job of delivering a complicated topic with clarity without wasting time on minutia.”

“Excellent and informative.”

“Dr. George is amazing, smart, and a great speaker. I was particularly looking forward to his lecture this year, and he didn’t let me down. I can’t wait for next year.”


Anxiety Disorders

“Good recommendation of Rx schemes.”

“Great speaker and topic very relevant to practice.”

“Exactly what I needed to know! Excellent lecture!”